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Welcome to Musky Fish Green Bay

Green Bay is world famous for its musky fishing and one of the most exciting ways to fish for muskie is by casting or trolling. There is nothing in the waters of North America that causes more of an adrenalin rush than a 50” musky following your bucktail up to the boat and making a ferocious strike only a few feet away from where you are standing or watching a rod almost get ripped out of the rod holder from a 50lb fish.   Whether you are fishing with Bret, Avery, Lucas or even Steve, you will have a trip of a lifetime with memories to last a few more.

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Big Fish 2012

Catch the biggest musky in Brett, Avery, or Lucas boat in 2012, and win a free ice fishing trip for 2 this winter or $300 off a fall musky trip!

Currently the big fish is 56.5, call today to get in on the action, and win a free trip!